From the perfectionist…


Many of our friends have been curious to see pictures of our humble abode, and some of the projects we have tackled this past year. Being a bit of a perfectionist (just a bit), I have not been so eager about showing off pictures until our house looks like it could be featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Which means of course that we would NEVER being sharing pictures and the only way to see our house would be to visit us. Anyone who has seen our house in person has also been forced to view the “before” pics with me pointing out “of course we aren’t finished yet” and “we have only lived here a few months, you see” and “perennials take 3 years to fill in so of course this isn’t much…” I have to fight the urge to stage the “after” pictures with mood lighting, fresh flowers, and a well placed coffee table book. But, this weekend, we finally did it. The house was reasonably clean and the light was decent so we took the pictures. Not “after” pictures mind you, but “progress” pictures. So I am going to post a few of them throughout the next few days, and of course I will include the “befores”.


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