There is absolutely nothing I enjoy more than this time of the year. I realized this as I was vacuuming out Craig’s car tonight, I just felt incredibly happy. Happy to be outside, happy to be smelling the scents of spring, happy to be home from work when it is still light out, happy to own a shop vac… the list goes on. It is no secret that I absolutely LOVE to garden, and never feel more at peace than when I am on my knees in the dirt, digging out dandelions and bermuda grass from my flower beds. I could do it all day. It may be cheesy, this time of year just holds so much promise. With very little faith last fall I dug many hundreds of holes in our yard.. stuffing bulbs, corms, and dried masses of roots in the ground. And lo and behold, they are actually coming up!! Every Saturday Craig and I do a “walk about” to point out progress, new plants peeking out, new patches of weeds to attack. Sometimes I think, why in the WORLD do I have a desk job? I am sure my enthusiasm will fade as the summer nears, it gets hotter, and the wild rabbits eat all of our vegetables. The squirrels threaten my sanity daily with their incessant digging and rearranging of my plants. But for now, as I poke around in my garden, it is hard to believe that life could be much better.


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