It will keep us going…


Well, obviously I can’t leave that depressing post hanging. As Craig and I tell each other “Almost everyone hates their job. That’s life.” Well, at least for now. It is surprising to me that “The Dean” has not taken to complaining about his horrid job for all the internet to read. It is quite a release, I tell him. That being said, on to a more cheerful topic. We finally booked a vacation! A real vacation that involves airports and rental cars and a change in time zone. Now I have put that vacation on my outlook calendar and every few hours I open it up and look to make sure it is there, and that yes, we really are going on vacation. We bought the tickets!! After months of discussion and debate about the perfect destination, we compromised. No, we won’t be relaxing on the sandy beaches of Cozumel, or hiking through the giant sequoias in California, nor even exploring Central Park and seeing a Broadway show in NYC. All of these were our top choice for at least a week. Instead, we are going to take a short trip to a place I know and love, Washington DC. While I have always said it is silly to revisit a place I have already been when there is so much to see in the world, I also believe there is something appealing about reliving good memories. Not to mention that all of the “attractions” are free. Plus, our favorite reason of all, it was cheap! Seven weeks and counting…


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