I better at least get a tan.


Add to the list of things I have been talked into this year that require physical activity: softball. The swimming, I am okay with. I might even say I enjoy it at times and though I know the 200M race will be torture, at least it is over in 4 minutes or less (lets hope less.) The 5K, just a bad idea. Ok, so I did end up scoring a point by coming in 10th in my age group, as the others must have gotten LOST, but still- no fun. All 30 + minutes of it.

So now, I am going to play softball. I have not played this game since I was in grade school and stood about 3’ tall. And now I have signed up not just for one team, I am playing on TWO teams. A grand total of more than 30 games this summer. The first team is for work, a league of architecture teams from around KC. I was talked into this by the fact that it was “non-competitive”, “relaxing”, “laid-back” and a great way to meet other people in an allied profession. And then I hear at last nights game, one guy ended up in the hospital thanks to a ball in the face, and another college caught one in the leg and has a pretty nasty bruise. I am of the opinion that I have been hurt enough the past few months and am not real eager to add any new injuries to the list. I am going to be the girl that ducks at every ball within 10 feet of me.

The second league is friends of Craigs from work that we have had a good time hanging out with, up until now in ways that do not require physical exertion. I am looking forward to playing together though, and hoping this will be fun. Last night we even ventured out and bought equipment! In addition to a bat and ball glove, I now also own softball SHOES, and special long pants so I don’t have to scare anyone with my pasty chicken legs.

Craig and I are both hoping that the end result of all of this physical activity will be a new me. In his words exactly to transform from “a sloth to a sexy athletic woman.” So I am thinking sloth is a little harsh, and sexy athletic woman is a little out of reach, but perhaps I will at least be able to ascend 4 flights of stairs at work without huffing and puffing.


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