I love fridays


Fridays are sometimes awesome. This is such a Friday. 9:30- slideshow by my boss of his 6 week trip to Italy. Will stir some memories, I am sure. 11:30- field trip to plant nursery, includes free lunch. Wow- getting out of the office, seeing new plants, free lunch, and getting paid for this!! We should be back around 2:00 or so. This afternoon, working on some redlines before leaving (likely early) for a three day weekend. This weekend- no plans to travel, just three days open for whatever the heck we choose to do. The zoo, the market, an IMAX movie, a concert with fireworks, softball, and doing absolutely nothing are all on our list of possibilities. You just can’t beat that.


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  1. Ditto that!!!!! I love Fridays too. Specially ones before 3-day weekends. Most people are out of the office so I can relax and work on what I choose…like my blog..he he just kidding. Also, this weekend is saved for us to do whatever we want!! Work in the yard, the zoo, the rib festival, or a ball game. Who knows but I definitely looking forward to it. Have good one!!

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