what a mighty fine man…


I have always known Craig is really special. But I have recently begun to appreciate even more how big his heart is. He never wanted rabbits, he never wanted a cat (he really never wanted another cat.) And yet despite all of this- he dutifully makes the rabbits a nice salad every evening, fills their water, empties their litter, cleans up the accidents from the cage. And recently, he has also been cleaning up piles upon piles of cat vomit. He lets Lucy sleep in our bed, and has been known to play with her, and if you promise you don’t tell him I said so- I have even seen him let her sleep on his lap as he watches tv. (She is in love with him.) But even all of this doesn’t show the depth of his heart. Every morning and evening for the past few days, he has picked up and held Lucy as I shoot antibiotics down her throat. And well after I have run for cover, he continues to hold her as she exudes pink slobbery foamy drool and shakes her head violently, sending the foamy drool flying all over the place but mostly on Craig, and also sustains multiple lacerations up and down his arms from her violent attempts to claw her way to freedom, and wipes up the pink foamy drool from all over the kitchen -and has not once complained. I sure love that guy.


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  1. Elizabeth, you should have check with all of us about what an expert in vomit control he is! Craig was witness to a chemical reaction that occured in my bowels one faithful night at he and Ryan’s house. It had something to do with a wheat ale + Franzia combination (don’t try this at home!). But I didn’t note the compound’s chemical composition. The point is that Craig aided in the proper clean up and disposal of this reaction and I would recommend him for any further work in that area.

  2. I think you have to be well versed in vomit control when you wife is EXTREMELY lactose intolerant, and still sometimes insists on eating four cheese pizza and ice cream every so often, just in case it “went away”.

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