not gone yet…


ok, I ‘m back. But just for a second. I just couldn’t keep the news to myself that CRAIG HAS A NEW JOB!! Yipee!!! He is very excited about it, and will start July 11th. I am sure he would love to share the details with anyone who is interested. The only downer is that it is a 45 minute commute, and we will be trading cars. Less of a downer for me than for him I do believe.

If anyone is wondering how I am surviving all of my athletic endeavors, I am relatively unscathed. My ego did take a hit at last night’s event (the 50M breaststroke) when I lost my goggles on the start, swam with my eyes closed, hit the lane divider, and was ultimately DQ’d for an improper wall touch. Well, you win some- you lose some. I did much better at the 200M free, placing second (though not a soul was there to see that one… however you can be sure all 10 teammates witnessed last night’s embarrassment). I survived the team tri. as well, coming in solidly in the middle of the pack- a respectable 23 minutes for my first open water swim. I think I will even do it again next year. Just a few more events tonight and I can climb on that plane tomorrow morning feeling totally and completely exhausted…

Ok, I am leaving for real now.


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