I should be cleaning right now, that is our routine on Saturday mornings. But I was just too distracted today after discovering a treasure trove of old school photos from grade school and middle school. I also found a stack of pictures tucked in a book for the same time period. Ok, thats it.. no more dusting. I had to dump them all out and look through every single one of them. Two things struck me this morning as I looked through the pictures:

#1. I have a lot of “forever friends” that I should be very thankful for. These are the friends that you can go six months without calling but once you do, its still the same. The friends that you can depend on to listen when everything has fallen apart, and the friends that are trully happy for you when things are going well. Some of these friends I met in third grade, many of them in middle school when I moved to Manhattan, and some even in college. I wish I could buy plane tickets and have them all come visit me right now because I have yet to meet more forever friends post-college.

#2. Good lord, I was a DORK.


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  1. wow! we were all dorks back then, but I do love that last picture of you! I think I might even have it somewhere with all the other school pictures. :)Emily

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