my mind is blank


I had a GREAT topic to write about for the blog this morning, but I decided to be a good employee and wait until lunch break to write it down. And now I have no idea what it was. Must be part of turning 24, the memory starts to go, is that right? Well, it was probably just about how I didn’t get any cake for my birthday, and Jesus Christ Superstar at Starlight was awesome and everyone should go to that theater someday, and how Craig is such a sweetie and always thinks of the neatest gifts, and maybe even mention that my brother remembered my birthday and called me (much to my surprise) along with a ton of other people that wished me happy birthday by phone, e-mail, and blog- which made me feel much better since all but one of my coworkers forgot it was my birthday, and that overall it was a pretty good birthday despite my low expectations.

Hmmm, no, I pretty sure that wasn’t it.

Well, if it comes to me before 1:00 pm (when I will dutifully get right back to work….), then I will update.


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  1. “What’s the fuss, tell me what’s a happening…””When do we ride into Jerusalum, when do we ride into Jerusalum””Jesus Christ! SuperStar! Do you know what people say you are!”Ah. I LOVE JCSS!

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