Maybe I just need Onstar


Today I was dozing off at my desk so I decided to run home for lunch to wake up. Once I got there and saw our nicely made bed I decided to take a nap first, and proceeded to hit the snooze twice- barely having to time to eat and run out the door, realizing after I slammed it shut that my keys were still inside. Realized also that the car automatically locks itself so the garage door opener was out of reach… and that our neighbor no longer has a key… and that the back door, our “secret” entrance, was bolted shut last night… and that Craig now works 50 minutes away from the house.

Hmmm. No phone list for those at work. I just started dialing extensions randomly and finally got a hold of our secretary.

Me: “So how’s it going?”
Her: “Fine, what’s up?”
Me: “Does anyone look particularly bored at the moment?”
Her: “Um, not really-why?”
Me: “The interns?”
Her: “Well, they look a little bored”
Me: “Perfect- can you transfer me?”

Crisis averted. Thank God for interns.


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