In case anyone hasn’t backed up…


And as I am connecting to the Internet, BLUE SCREEN appears with the message “DELETING PHYSICAL MEMORY.” And a crunching noise from the hard drive as if its eating up all our digital pictures. After quickly pulling the plug, no damage seems to be done. After a few days the mouse freezes. So I navigate with just the keyboard and shut down for the night. Then the next day I start it up, and its opening screen “Bios loading” which usually means nothing…. until the computer locks up on it. I’m starting to get a little suspicious.

So I do another restart, and everything seems to be going OK. Later on, mouse locks up again. Once again shut down the computer.

Couple days later, starting up and see “Bios Loading” as usual, but it locks up again. I’m getting a little nervous now.

Restart, works fine for awhile. And out of nowhere BLUE SCREEN. And the message “DELETING PHYSICAL MEMORY…,” and a *click*, *click*, *click* noise coming from the hard drive. Quickly pull the plug to prevent whatever chaos could have resulted.

And then today, the mouse locked up!

Hard to trust much on a computer that has these kinds of issues, wouldn’t you agree? So we’ve backed up some stuff onto some CDs… just in case. I’m worried we only have a few days left. I plan on buying a second hard drive too so I’ll be prepared.

So a warning to all – back up before its too late!
This has been a public service announcement.


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