Season of my discontent


A few months ago I posted about beginning my transformation from a lazy, couch-lounging, anti- sports person to a energetic, competitive, and quite buff athlete girl. So you might be wondering just how this is going?

Well, minus a few minor embarrassment with losing goggles and colliding with lane dividers, swimming went well. However, I haven’t been back to the pool since the corporate challenge competition (bad me). I did go jogging with Craig a few times but then it just got to hot (that’s the Midwest for you). So that leaves me with softball. It’s not that I don’t like softball- it’s just that I am afraid of someone hitting it to me, I despise throwing from the outfield, and I am petrified of batting. Other than that, a pretty fun game. As much as I complain about it though, I imagine I will allow myself to be talked in to another season because I enjoy the team. Though next year, I think ONE team will be plenty for me.

Some highlights from my season of exercise:

A few weeks ago, I pulled my hamstring while, ahem.. um, bowling. Of course I didn’t tell anybody this and hobbled around but by the time Saturday’s softball practice rolled around I realized there was no way I could hide it and decided to skip. So I urged Craig to make up a good story for me, you know, something like- we were trail running in the woods and a snake jumped out and she slipped…or,we were playing football and she was tackled by a 250 lb lineman and tore a muscle. So guess what he told everyone? “She pulled her hamstring bowling.” Thanks, Craig. By Sunday I was able to play and I didn’t catch too much crap so I forgave him.

My inaugural tennis game was last week. I have hit the ball around, but never knew how to actually play a game. So that’s what 30- love means. How dumb. I am not sure what the official tennis term for this is, but I was skunked. Even with Craig playing easy on me and letting me cheat prolifically. He might be able to convince to play again some day, we will see.

Last night’s softball game was just painful in more ways than one. We were short a girl so only three in the outfield. I was playing right field, and interestingly enough, 95% of the batters on the other team were left handed. Or so it seemed. All I know, is they worked me over pretty good. They found their weak spot and took advantage of it. By the end of the game (which we lost solidly), I had crimped my neck pretty good and even as I sit here right now I am counting down the hours until I can crawl back into bed with a heating pad.

It is about the end of August, so I am thinking this exercising season needs to come to a close. I was brave, I tried lots of things: a 5k, a team tri, multiple swimming events, tennis, softball, jogging. Besides the swimming though, I am not sure anything really “took.” I am thinking for winter I am going to attempt to replace the season of excercising with a season of contemplation- yoga, pilates, prayer and meditation, and of course lots of good books and hot tea. At least it is easier on the joints.


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