Yet another sick post


I have not worked a full day of work since last Wednesday. Since then, I have just been under the weather. Not sick enough to stay home exactly, but not well enough to make it through the whole day when there really isn’t much for me to work on anyways. I have this ability to stick it out when needed, but when there is nothing to do but sit and look at my computer and ponder my headache.. well, after a few hours I succumb to it. So anyway, yesterday I made it until all of 9:32 a.m. when I just couldn’t take it. I barely made it driving home and crashed the second I walked in the door. I slept until 3:30.

Now, I am thinking it is not normal to sleep for 6 hours following a full night’s rest. So this means one of several things:

A) I have a bug that just isn’t manifesting itself in a full-blown attack.
B) Allergies and benedryl have historically knocked me flat, though not for a week
C) I am depressed

I leave D blank on purpose, it is that blank that is the motivating factor for today’s post. So, today, in one of my less busy moments, I decided to consult Google and see what might be wrong with me. (I love Google, my life would just be so empty without it.) I type in “severe fatigue” and “headache”, and hit search.

Well, according to my Google diagnosis, my symptoms could be lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, pregnancy, pre-menopause, hangover…
Great” I think. “What if I have lupus?” Sigh. I think that if I continue to use Google to diagnose myself, I could very easily become a hypochondriac. The last time Craig and I used it to diagnose my symptoms we discovered that I most certainly had been abducted by aliens as all of the symptoms fit perfectly.

Not satisfied with the resulting illnesses from the search, I threw in “stomachache” (hey, it’s a given), and searched again only to get a whole new batch of possibilities. Turns out the above are pretty vague symptoms and could mean an endless list of possibilities for D).

I have a few choices here, the way I see it. I can suck it up and figure this will go away seeming how over half the office has been out sick sometime in the past few weeks, I can start taking my prescription allergy medicine again even though it does cost 15$ a week, I can give in and head back to the doctor for more prescriptions that I won’t take because I don’t think I need them, or I can Google my way into a panic stricken call to Craig to tell him that I am pretty sure I must be dying.

It’s still the lunch hour, I think Google wins.


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