Sending prayers to the gulf


I have been watching the situation in New Orleans with complete disbelief the past few days. It seems to be getting worse by the hour. It is so unbelievable to me that people are dying at a convention center in an American city, unbelievable that entire towns just like mine are simply gone, unbelievable that police officers are dealing wtih looters instead of using their limited resources to rescue those still stranded all these days later…

The unfortunate thing about a desk job is that I have unlimited access to the news all day, and I just can’t stop checking for updates. The sad thing is, there isn’t much I can do about it from here except to stop bitching about my life and be glad I have this job to come to and a place to sleep at night. I hope everyone has donated to the Red Cross, the need is so huge. I see images of people stranded in their ruined city and sleeping on sidewalks and I wish I could just go pick them up and let them stay at my house. And they look like they need some hugs as well.


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