Thats what I call a nightmare


I will admit to have been under a tad bit of stress lately. My job, planning for my leave, figuring out a one salary budget, taking a bear of a professional registration exam… there has been a lot on my mind lately. So is it any wonder I have started to have some nightmares? Normally I forget them, but last nights shook me up a bit…

I was on a vacation at a wilderness type ranch. A lot of friends and family were there, and we were hanging out in a small barn, dancing. All of a sudden from nowhere a GIANT black snake (about 12 feet long) slithers into the middle of the dance floor and people panic- screaming, everyone scattering… and I am just watching this, not moving. Finally, at the last possible minute, I jump to a higher level a crawl on top of a saddle, and watch people leave the barn. Suddenly, I had this feeling that the snake was watching me and sure enough it jumped, yes jumped, up to where I was and started to wrap itself around me…I was frozen, and could barely breathe. Everyone was down below watching, crying, looking panicked. I felt myself start to lose consciousness as the snake coiled tighter around me. I could feel the scales rub against my skin and its breath on my face as its head rose and prepared to strike my neck. I was more scared than I have ever been in my life. Suddenly, a ranch hand raised his shot gun and I heard an explosion near my ear and a thump as the huge snake fell to the floor.

I woke up at this point with a start, sweating and my stomach burning like it was on fire. I am not real sure how to interpret that dream, so if anyone wants to take a shot at it- have at it. I still have goose bumps when I think about it.


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  1. I think the barn represents your soon break and the snake represents that bear of a test along with all other problems and stress. Then the rancher represents the good that will come out of the break and the future.Or you just hate snakes.

  2. I think you were having a happy dream with all the friends and family. Then your stomach started to hurt. That’s why the dream turned and took the scary path. So when the snake started coiling, it was explaining why your stomach ached. And when your brain realized you really didn’t want to die in this “happy” dream, it sent the farmer in to keep you alive. Waking up is inevitable when you hear a shotgun at close range.

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