Today I was driving into work when I saw the scout system telling me my exit was closed. I was already late, so I grumbled as I took a downtown exit instead, cursing the extra traffic and horrible timing of the lights. After ten minutes and three blocks I was finally approaching the office when I saw that street was also blocked off, as well as all access to the company parking lots. So I drove around to the front of the building and weaved my way through the service drive into the back parking lot, in a pretty sour mood for all of the detours. It was at this point I took note of all of the people milling around our building and parking garage. As I got out of my car I noticed the dozen police cars and crime scene tape closing off an entire block of 12th street in front of our building along with the two ramps. There was a city bus parked mid block, lights flashing. And then I saw no less than 20 feet from my car, an overturned motorcycle. And five feet from that, a white plastic sheet.

It sure puts being a mere 30 minutes late into perspective.


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