You just can’t escape it.


Forgive me for being morbid but a few nights ago I was telling Craig that it was entirely possible something could happen to me and I would be in the ground by the end of the week. Well, with everything that is happening in this lovely city, is it any surprise I think about death?

Yesterday I was driving home and I took the tiny liitle shortcut that saves me maybe all of ten seconds- it is called Pitcher Road and it is all of 2 blocks long. Well, I was driving down Pitcher Road and I noticed the channel 5 news truck sitting off the side of the road with a reporter standing in the grass field beyond. What in the world? I wondered. Our neighborhood is fairly quiet (besides the break-in/shooting last month), so it is rare to see a news truck in the area.

I got home about 5 minutes later and saw the following article in a paper:

A motorist spotted the body of a woman wrapped in carpet padding and dumped beside an isolated road Sunday.
The woman, who has not been identified, was Hispanic and probably between 18 and 25 years old, Independence Police Detective George Parks said.
Police were called shortly before 11 a.m. to a gravel drive off Pitcher Road just north of U.S. 40, Parks said. The bundle was in plain view about 10 yards from the road. The woman’s head, which had a large cut across the forehead, was exposed.

I don’t remember things like this happening in Manhattan.


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