The greatest temptation


Donut day. Not just any donuts.. big fluffy delicious pastries from a real bakery. It is almost enough to make me say forget this stupid experiment that doesn’t seem to work all of the time, gimme a pastry. But I told myself I wouldn’t cheat and would give this a chance. So no pastry for me. I just can’t even look at them.

In other news, God responded to my blog complaints yesterday in the form of my boss and project manager. I swear I had just opened up on my browser when they came to chat with me, sharing that they have not fully utilized my design capabilites in the past year and the projects I have been working on are admittedly less than interesting, and that they intend for that to change. I am moving desk locations next week, and starting on different projects- one of which is a rather huge landscape plan for a Plaza-sized new shopping complex. That I would be in charge of. So now I figure I may stay put and give this a chance. I am not sure they will ever know how close I was to giving my two weeks notice.


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  1. What makes you think that I, your dad, would even suggest such a thing. At that time of the morning I would think a young college student would still be awake (may be your brother?).Besides I still haven’t figured out how to do this fancy modern tech stuff.

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