This blog is for my husband and best friend, Craig.


Two significant things in my life happened about this time 4 years ago. One is I started having debilitating stomach pain. The second, and most important thing is I started to fall in love with someone incredible. Some might joke the two are related, that Craig is the cause of my stomach pain but I see it a bit differently. He did not cause it, but maybe we are together because of it. I strongly believe that God brought Craig into my life at a time when I really needed him.

Now that I am finally starting to feel better (literally- Hello, Sunshine!!!), I can look back on all the things we have been together the past four years and I really do not know how I could have done it without him. During the late night trips to the emergency room, the endless tests, the parade of specialists with no answers, the times when I doubted my sanity and especially the darkest times when I felt like giving up- he was my support. He never complained about running to the store for Pedialyte, or fetching the bucket on the worst nights, or calling and making yet another excuse for me when I wasn’t up for a social outing. While I questioned the amount of money we are spending on health care and alternative treatments, he assured me that I was worth it and he was willing to do what it would take.

He never gave up that someday we would move past this. After seeing doctor after doctor who would write me off as over-stressed, it became so very important to me that there was someone who never questioned the degree of pain I was feeling, and the extent to which it affected my life. Craig was that someone. Never once did he express doubt that I was exaggerating how I was feeling. He let me be grouchy when I was hurting, he let me be tired, and sad, and a homebody, and he never complained.

My deepest sadness was turning him down for a game of tennis, or a trip with friends, or even a walk. Someday, I would tell him, someday I won’t turn you down. And he was patient. Well Craig, that day is here. I have had more normal days this past month then I have since high school. And I don’t think I ever could have made it to this point without you. I would save this message for our anniversary, but I really want you to know now how incredible I think you are. And I hope you will forgive me for letting all of our friends and family know how incredible you are as well, not that they wouldn’t already know that. You are my rock, and I love you.


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