Well, we have one company party down, just two more to go.. possibly three. Saturday was the black-tie optional affair for my company. I love the chance to buy new clothes and accessories so I was really looking forward to it. It was a pretty good time, the only hitch occurred at dinner when suddenly none of the waiters had a clue about the special meal I was supposed to be getting. After making everyone at the table wait for 15 minutes (I did insist that they eat to no avail), I finally received a plate of vegetables and two steaks- right up my alley huh. I may possibly have overcompensated for this with a tad too much wine. I do know that when we finally went to swing dance I was having a wee bit of trouble counting the beats. And here is where the amazing thing happened- an exasperated Craig took the lead and proved to me that THAT BOY CAN DANCE! Who would have thought it? And all this time I was trying to get him to do it my way. Count Craig! No, put your hands here.. that was the wrong foot..you are spinning me the wrong direction.. sigh..Start over! Turns out, I’m the one who can’t dance. Or maybe it was just the wine?


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