Super powers


Sometimes I wish I had the power of invisibility and I could fly around and visit stranger’s houses and see how people really live. I wouldn’t use my powers in a bad way, but I would love to see how clean everyone’s bathrooms really are, how many people don’t always do their dishes before going to bed, and how many others sometimes revert to storing their clothes in a big pile on the bedroom floor. I would also see what people wear around the house. Craig and I have had some discussion on this. I must admit, when I come home from a long day at work I am definitely in favor of going straight to sweats. I feel guilty and slovenly, but not so much that I don’t still do it. Craig prefers to either stay in work clothes for 4 more hours, or change to respectable jeans and a t-shirt. I agree with him that this is the choice I should make, but I like my sweats. I prefer to think that lots of people also wear sweats in the evening, if the number of women in matching velour sweat-suits at Target is any indication! I just want to confirm it with a little fly-through. My personal reasoning is that it’s winter, so might as well be cozy. At least I don’t own a big flannel robe…. yet.


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  1. I agree with you completely. After work I almost always trade my work clothes for sweats almost immediately. Jeremiah thinks I go through way too many clothes in a week.

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