Just thinking


Craig: Beauty and the Geek is on, want to watch it?
Elizabeth: Hey, it’s just like us!
Craig: Except on the show the guy is the geek…

Whew, cut down. I still haven’t thought of a smart reply for that one. I must admit he is probably right. I know I am more geek than beauty. Do you ever find yourself wondering if you were another person, would you like yourself? Would you want to be friends with yourself? I found myself asking these questions a few days ago when for some reason I really noticed my voice when I was talking to someone. I thought, wow- my voice sounds really annoying. And I asked this question again when I heard myself telling someone another cute rabbit story. I am not sure if I were someone else I would like me or not. I believe I would find myself a good intentioned person, but mostly just a big talkative dork.


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  1. A cute geek though!!!You could always just ask someone who knows you well if you are likeable. Most of the time you probably are likeable. Obviously due to good parenting and genetics.

  2. I find you good intentioned with a tendancy to be too judgemental. Also, you are more of a “glass half-empty” person. Like instead of viewing Craig’s comment as negative, just realize that the kid is a hilarious, quirky genius.I too wonder if I would be friends with myself?

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