Laryngitis can’t keep me quiet!


Sorry, but I just have to complain.. I am going stir crazy. I missed the Garmin winter party, I slept through the Superbowl, this is my second day away from work and I still feel like absolute crap. I have taken a huge aresonal of medicine, it’s just that nothing is working! So far:

2 bags of lozenges
1/2 bottle chloroseptic
1 bottle Nyquil (yes, the entire bottle)
5 bottles of gatoraide
Half of a z-pack

I have also tried nasal saline, nasal gel, mentholatum, shower soothers, tylenol, dayquil, and zycam cold/flu. Right now my stomach is more full of medicine than food because all I have eaten the past few days besides some popsicles is half a can of pears and some rice noodles. It sure isn’t easy finding gluten-free sick food. Even chicken and rice has wheat starch in it, believe it or not.

If I could describe my throat, I would say it feels like I sucked on hot coals until I had a nice, pussy burn, and then I drank some battery acid to singe off any remining cells, and every time I swallow little razor blades are cutting through it all. And when I cough.. oh, I’d rather be dead

Not to worry though, the doctor tells me. Its been going around, and will run its course in 7-10 days. I had this two weeks ago, he tells me, it will get worse before it gets better…TEN DAYS? Worse than swallowing razor blades and battery acid? I hope he has no idea what he is talking about.

I am going to go watch some bad morning television shows and cough up some phlegm.


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  1. Hi you guys. This is Tanya from Texas – I’d say this is Tanya and Alan, but really it’s just me, so why include him? Alan’s working and I’m doing stuff on the internet because I don’t want to do homework. Anyway, I just wanted to say “hello” and that I occasionally check your blogs since you sent the link out to the family a while back. Sorry you’ve been sick, Elizabeth. That sucks. I bet Craig is a good nurse, though. I’m not sure about the blogging for me – I got a Myspace because I want to be able to check out my daughter’s myspace and read everything she says. So I’ve started a blog but I feel silly. 🙂 Okay, back to you guys! Your house looks great – love the pictures. I’ve been doing some painting and stuff here (we got our house last July), but there’s still a ways to go. I heard some girl on the radio say she WISHED she had the flu and has been trying to catch it all season from friends – just so she could lose weight. Sounds like you’ve tried everything, but I hear people swear by whiskey concoctions. Or maybe it’s bourbon or brandy? Anyway, hang in there Elizabeth!

  2. Tanya, thanks for the comment, it’s great to hear from you!!Sometimes I do feel very guilty that I don’t write about more interesting/relevant things but I figure my life is what it is! If you ever want me to put up a link to your blog, let me know! 🙂

  3. Yep. I had that at Christmas!! The exact thing. Unfortunately I had planned on taking a weeks vacation.. Wow I love being sick on my vacation!!!!! I was sick before Christmas for a week, felt better by new years and then it hit me again (like being run over by a truck) finally after returning to work really ill for about 4 days, then I got better. Maybe my idea of not getting the flu shot (because thinking my body will get stronger if it knows how to fight all that nasty stuff) was not such a good idea…

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