The twighlight zone


Some pretty weird things were happening this weekend at the Nelson house. First of all- Craig was sick and I wasn’t. We aren’t really programmed to handle this sort of scenario, and as I was forced to call and cancel plans because of Craig, I am sure a hole was torn in the universe somewhere.

The second thing weird thing is that it snowed on Saturday. I know already that some of you are going to claim that because it is mid-Februaury in Missouri that this is not such a weird thing at all, and you might even go so far as to say that this should be expected. Well, I disagree. It has been 60 degrees all January and I had pretty much decided that Spring was here. With all of the global warming going on, I think it was an extremely reasonalbe assumption to make. I hadn’t gone so far as to pack up the winter coats, but I was contemplting down-grading from a duvet to a quilt the day the snow hit. As far as snow goes, this was the type I like. Huge, fluffy flakes that look so pretty and melt the second they hit the ground. The problem is just that I am done with winter. I’ve been good so far- I have been watching my netflix and reading more books but now I am done with it. So I will let this one go, but there better not be any more snow this year in KC. It’s time for Spring!!!


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  1. My dearest daughter, This is Feb 13 in Kansas (and Missouri and all other states) which means that we are still in winter. Never pack winter clothes until May 1 at the earliest. Do you not recall the april in Manhattan when we had 12″ of snow. Actually, you may not since I shovelled the drive by myself so you could get to school the next day. (And then the snow plows dumped another 36′ in front of the drive.) Spring is a few weeks away. Today was certainly a taste of spring as will be tomorrow. By the way, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY a day early (ok, it’s only 49 minutes early). Be patient. Spring will come, but not for a few more weeks. This week-end promises to be a reminder that winter is still here. See you dad

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