Calling all fish-people


Lately at work I have been slaving away on one major project (which will remain nameless because of my recent found paranoia that one of my superiors will read previous entries and fire me), and we are finally to a point that things are being installed. Plants that I selected are being put into the ground. It’s a pretty good feeling.

A couple days ago I was perusing my Silly Yak’s Gluten Free Restaurant List (so clever-celiac, get it?) and one particular name stood out- The Bonefish Grill. It was highlighted with a happy face designation- meaning it is one of a very small (elite in my mind) group of restaurants that have bothered to develop a gluten-free menu and post it on the web so those of us with gluten-intolerance can actually eat out once in awhile. I knew I recognized the name, and as I got back to work (this perusing did not occur over lunch break) it dawned on me that the Bonefish Grill is going into the project that I am working on, and that I have done all of the landscaping around their building.

Today, I was asked to specifically design the plantings for some large planters out in front of the building. I am going to do an awesome job on those planters, let me tell you. They are going to be the best looking planters north of the river. Once the Grill opens, I would love to take a big group with me and point out those awesome planters and then gorge ourselves on delicious fish.

The problem that has occurred is that I don’t know of anyone that really likes fish! Somehow it seems as if most every single person I know hates seafood or eats vegetarian/vegan. I am friends with a disproportionate amount of vegetarians/seafood-haters compared to the general population. Well, I am a sea-food hater myself but for some reason I consider fish to be a different story. I don’t see anything wrong with either of these diets of course, but it makes eating out somewhat of a challenge- a vegetarian and a celiac can be friends, but they sure can’t eat out together. My list of happy-face restaurants includes a steakhouse, an Asian place, and this fish place.

I realize posting about this dilemma won’t do much good as 99% of our readership is out of state but if there is anyone out who LOVES fish, and wants to see a display of my awesome talent, and just happens to be passing through the KC metro area- then give me a call and we will feast!


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  1. I love fish. If it’s cooked. right. Give me seared Tuna or grilled salmon over a beef steak any day. I would be delighted to go to the fish grill with you and so would your mother. By the way, happy Valentine’s

  2. Stephanie, it’s too bad we will miss you guys in April!!Dad, isn’t seared tuna still raw? I made the mistake of ordering that once and I took it home in a take-out box and microwaved it. Come up in March and we will go.

  3. We love fish and seafood! And for the a chance to see wonderful planters we’ll schedule a weekend to come up and feast.. when its warm out (the planters will probably look better):-)

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