The past few weeks I have really been craving some pizza. I’ve been thinking about it at lunch, thinking about it at dinner. I have seen commercials for it, heard people talking about eating it, passed by them in the grocery store, stared at every pizza store I drive by with great longing, even coupons in the paper for pepperoni made me think of pizza. I will even admit to having a lovely dream where I was sitting in Piazza Navona in Italy, eating a giant pizza.

I knew this weekend I was either going to give into my craving and eat the forbidden food (and pay dearly for it), or figure out a way to make a pizza that I could safely eat. Because of my severe lactose intolerance that was a result of the damage done by gluten, I have not eaten pizza in years. Thankfully, after 4 months of gluten-free living my body is beginning to “accept” dairy products again, so it seemed like a good time to finally give some pizza a try!

I found a recipe in my Gluten-Free cookbook that sounded doable so I started in this afternoon. About the point where I was stirring together the sorghum/tapioca/xanthum gum/cornstarch mixture into the vegetable oil/honey/lactaid milk mixture I started getting pretty nervous. Had Craig been around to see it, he probably would have been calling for take-out at that point. And admittedly, it was probably not my best weekend for cooking as I had a gushing bloody nose the night before while making dinner for company, after which I promptly set my sweater on fire over the gas heat… but that’s another entry entirely.

I decided to give the sticky mixture a chance, and I after letting it raise I rolled it into a blob-like shape and plastered it with toppings. We were figuring with all of that cheese and pepperoni, something good could come of it at least. I am pleased to report that the resulting dish was quite edible! It sure wasn’t Pizza Shuttle, or even Godfather’s for that matter- but it was edible. I am not sure I could describe the texture or taste of it but as we sat there eating our slices and drinking coke I felt incredibly happy, and quite normal.


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  1. ha ha. I just got a visual of you. I rememeber those days of cooking in college. I can’t remember anyonone catching on fire but I remember rushing around trying to get ready for those girl nights.

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