Why I don’t have a cooking blog


I appreciate the request to write about setting myself on fire but I am going to have to respectfully decline. What more can I really say about it? Sleeve over burner, sleeve on fire…Plus, this is post number #200, which would suggest perhaps that this should be more interesting than usual, maybe something a little bit special? Well, we have been cooking quite a bit lately in the Nelson household. We have tried all sorts of new recipes that I maybe would not have considered before and have really discovered some delicious stuff. This weekend we had Tuscan vegetable soup with Italian sausage, kale, and great northern beans. It was so good. We also whipped together a delicious rice mix with chicken, red pepper, and artichokes- a recipe courtesy of the KC Star menu planner. Another keeper, I am looking forward to the leftovers at lunch.

However, this post is not about the successes, though I will assure you there have been lots of them. Lots and lots. TONS of success in the kitchen. But every once in awhile, despite our excellent cooking expertise, something just goes terribly wrong- like the time we were dating and decided to make homemade ravioli with chicken stuffing and a mushroom sauce. We bought semolina flour and spent hours making dough, forming the little shapes and stuffing them with the chicken mixture. I am not sure what was worse- the gummy pasta, the nasty stuffing, or the incredibly salty and virtually inedible mushroom sauce. An entire afternoon spent creating one of the worst meals we have ever eaten.

I say ONE of the worst, because I think we may be able to top that. I am sure you noticed the lovely picture at the top of the post. That is not a picture that I took. No, that is a picture that I scanned from a new cookbook. A picture that enticed me to create the dish, which supposedly is a wonderful appetizer. Let me just say if you have 3 hours free to make an appetizer then you need some more hobbies. I decided that the dish should be our main dinner- fried polenta with a mushroom ragu. I had the cornmeal, I had the wild mushrooms, I had the fresh herbs. I was going to make a fancy dinner for Craig, complete with a wine pairing.

Without a a toaster over I couldn’t toast the polenta but decided to broil it in our oven. So I placed the first sheet in the over and promptly set it on fire. Big, pouffy black burns covered the surface. We tired to salvage it by scraping off the burned bits but eventually dumped it and tried with a new pan. We should have just quit. I know that you can’t really convey taste in a picture, but really- just use your imagination.

Not quite cook-book cover material, huh?


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