Take me away


I’ve really been slacking at posting for awhile now, I know. But man have I been busy at work. Which is a good thing, I am not complaining. It makes the week go by fast, it keeps my on my toes, makes me feel somewhat important in meeting our deadlines, and most importantly of all- fattens the paycheck. And a fatter paycheck is good because our vacation is impending and I have nowhere near enough vacation hours to cover it.

While my waking hours have more or less been spent slaving over work, my mind has been working overtime at night cranking out some pretty creative dreams. A few nights ago I dreamt I was at an aquarium visiting a display of the “Magical Black Sea Turtles of the Grand Canyon.” No joking. They were beautiful sea turtles, jet black with a shiny, undulating shell. I recall reading the display about how biologists discovered the Sea Turtles in the canyon only months ago and to their surprise there are hundreds living there- the only place in the world to find them. I guess I am getting psyched about snorkeling.

I also dreamt that we adopted a pet Macaw who became best friends with our rabbits and he would sit on our table while I fed him sunflower seeds. In last night’s dream, I was in Oregon visiting the “Lost Botanical Garden of the Western World.” Come to find out, it was built thousands of years ago by sophisticated natives who amassed the largest collection of exotic plants the world has even seen. And wouldn’t you know, the entire thing is found in a biosphere in the middle of the mountains.

My physical body may be trapped here at work, my mental self is already in Mexico.


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