Maybe we are making mummies?


Last night at Wal-Mart as I proceeded to the checkout with my cart full of 27 packages of sheets and nothing else, I got more than a few double glances. The guy behind me finally couldn’t contain himself. “That is a lot of sheets..” he mumbled out loud to no one in particular.

“She could be making curtains, you know, sheets make good curtains..” The checkout lady offered.

“Nope” I replied as pushed my cart forward.

Undaunted, the guy looked like a light bulb went off and offered up- “You guys own a motel!?”

We are building our maze with a total of 49 sheets, 30 some aluminum poles, 18 bags of quickcrete, hundreds of grommets and u bolts and fasteners, and a lot of determination. We are nervous about the wind as I found a message last night when I returned home from my mom warning that we needed to discuss the “wind issue”. Sounds like our prototype may be in a bit of trouble. I really would not have guessed how much work and thought would go into erected an idea that at first seemed so simple. It is not an idea that I can take credit for in any way- I missed out on most of the design/competition entry phase but am really enjoying helping out with this phase. I will keep you all posted with updates and pictures as I know very few of you would actually be able to visit. Two more months and it should be standing on site! Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂


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