"Strong Storms Likely"


I am patiently waiting but nothing. The skies are clear. I was so looking forward to a day of thunder and rain- I have an excellent view from the top floor of our building I couldn’t wait for the storm to break the monotony of the day. Well, it’s almost noon and there is not a drop to be seen. I have been checking weather.com every twenty minutes, watching the green blobs move closer with anticipation only to see them disappear the next time I look. If I can hold out until this afternoon I am sure that huge red and purple patch south of Emporia will produce something of note. Of course, I am not asking for hail and tornados here- we had enough of that a few weeks ago. All I want is a nice, well-behaved spring storm. Some deafening thunder, pounding rain and perhaps a few electrifying lightning bolts, that is all I am asking for. Any time now really, I haven’t got all day…


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