But you only live once!


I had been feeling pretty good lately about successfully saving up for vacation and our future posterity in general, and was so proud of the fact that the only purchases I have made in the past few weeks have been gas or groceries.

That is, until today.

Somehow, a trip down to Heartland Nursery for “an edger and some mulch” ended up costing over $100 and we didn’t get an edger. Or mulch. We did purchase, or I purchased, among other things a new pair of gardening gloves, a Meyer Lemon tree, and some snazzy new bedding plants. (In all honesty, it wasn’t a total shock for such a thing to happen.)

And then, this evening I managed to do some major damage by realizing that I am almost out of Bumble Bars at work. And they are cheaper when you order more. Okay, not really. But I think you pay less shipping. So I now have a few cases on the way.

And then, as I walked around in flip flops for awhile I realized that my $3 pair from Old Navy that have already been chewed by our darling rabbits are not really vacation-worthy. And neither is Craig’s $3 pair. Where to go for comfy vacation-worthy shoes at this time of evening? Landsend.com, of course. Two pairs of cute and comfortable shoes on the way- and make that next day air, please.

Yikes. I am literally going to be eating beans and rice for the next month if I keep up this pace. I am not sure why but this always seems to happen to me. It is like I have an absolute inability to save money or refrain from shopping. It’s like chocolate- I can go without it for a few weeks if I really try, but then I am definitely going to binge afterward. A few weeks ago I discovered Craig had some money sitting around in an account he needed to close. And instantly I thought to myself that we didn’t really need to put that back in savings, we could use it for something that we needed. The next day, as I was showing Craig some flat screen TV’s in the Best Buy ad he just shook his head at me and smiled.. “My money is burning a hole in your pocket, isn’t it?”


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  1. Meyer lemons! Those are supposed to be really good to cook/saute with. Does the tree really produce the fruit, or is it one of those fruitless things?

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