We are back!


Vacation was, of course, great and we will have to post some pictorial highlights this week (like the scorpion in our hotel room). For now I am just trying to adjust to the idea that I have to get up early again and I can no longer take three hour cat naps every afternoon. And though I was excited to come home to all of our tulips blooming I was less than thrilled with the neon green blanket of oak pollen on our driveway. I am sure if Thomas Ogren (my soapbox post) gave our property an allergy rating it would be a 10. But I am glad that it is spring, and I am more than ready to start planting our garden and all of those flowers I ordered on the internet. Right now we have a huge, embarrassing hodge-podge of plants and for someone in my field I shouldn’t let it stay that way. Definitely a “plant collectors” garden- I have wanted to try one of everything to see how I like it and have also been unwilling to sit down and do a garden masterplan, which together are really the greatest sins of landscape design. Ah well, we are moving someday anyways- might as well have fun. That’s all for today, I promise some pictures here speedily.

And by the way, can anyone tell me what the heck happened to gas prices??


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  1. Yea – you’re back! I’ve missed the blogging. I’m sort of addicted to my daily blog readings. Looking forward to the pics from the beach. I will hate both of you of course when I see them. 🙂

  2. The gas prices? They went up, but still below the 1980’s when adjusted for inflation. It’s all a matter of perspective (unless of course one has to drive half way cross the state to get to and from work)Glad you had a good time.dad

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