Hit the road, Jack…


One of our neighbors three doors down just bought a brand new full size RV. This would be a rather insignificant occurrence not really worthy of mentioning on the blog if it weren’t for three small facts:

This neighbor is getting married to our next door neighbor within the month.
They are selling his house and he is moving next door.
Therefore, the full size RV is moving next door.

From what they told Craig, the plan is to pour a slab in between our houses and park it there. This is rather unfortunate, because our bedroom window would be a mere 10 feet from this RV. I am fairly that I could find some sort of city ordinance, or side yard setback, or something to prevent them from doing this but then again we are in a pretty ghetto part of Independence. And up until now have had a friendly relationship so I am not sure I want to make a huge deal out of it. Though I’m less sure that I want to raise the curtains every morning to stare at a huge hulking RV.

I guess this is just one more reason to start the home search.


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  1. Hey, a slab for an RV is a whole lot better than a pen for a Rottweiler-which might be greeting you with it’s barks long before you were ready to open the shades.

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