Tiptoe through the tulips..


Wow, I am exhausted. It seems like when you get back from vacation there are four times as many things requiring your attention as there would have been if you never were gone. Craig and I have both spent the day today working feverishly in the yard. I am proud of the tulips we planted last fall- they all looked great, but I felt like every other nook and cranny of our yard looked empty. More plants all around!! Someday, when our future eldest child turns 17, I am going to have the unfortunate task of sitting him down and explaining that no, you can’t go to college because Mommy has squandered away all of our money on plants.

I don’t know what the grand total of yard expenditures would be for the past two years, but I am pretty sure we could buy a used car with it. Well, maybe a Ford. Honestly though, it is worth it to me. I love spending the day is my grungy, frumpy yard clothes lost in my daydreams while digging, weeding, and mulching. I love sitting on our deck and enjoying the fruits of our labor. This morning I ventured to Longview Gardens. I was beside myself when I discovered double-decker wagons provided for my shopping convenience! A few tomato plants just looked lost on the cart so I figured Craig wouldn’t mind if I picked up just a couple more things…The next thing I knew I had so many plants hanging off my cart that the helpful staff offered me a second double-decker wagon!

Today I planted both front flower beds, and containers for our front and back porch. Tomorrow is time to tackle the vegetable garden. I just LOVE this time of year. Craig spent the day getting us some electricity to our porch so I can finally plug in the cute dragonfly lights I bought over a year ago. I am only going to be coming inside to sleep!


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  1. When can we expect this future 17yo?Aren’t you lad your parents didn’t spend all of their money on flowers (or what could have been a showroom Studebaker pick-up)!!!!The planting disease is contagius.Your mother is just begiing to plant.

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