‘Tis the season


Saturday officially opens wedding season for us. Between Craig and I, we will be attending 5 weddings by June 10th- with invitations to two more forthcoming. We have decided to sell one of our vehicles to pay for wedding gifts for all of these couples. Honestly, I enjoy weddings. What’s not to like? It’s a happy occasion with cause for a new dress! I will miss the cake, but as long as there are plenty of mints and punch I should be okay.

I thought I would throw a question out there, and leave it hanging for awhile to encourage answers (anonymous is okay). What was the best wedding gift you received (feel free to share to worst too…), OR what is the best gift you have given? We will be heading to the Mall and Bed Bath & Beyond as soon as we get some good answers!


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  1. If any of the couples drink, I like giving (or getting) several bottles of wine, either in a basket with a couple of interesting wine glasses or packaged together with a wine rack. It just helps to get a wine collection started that way. You could also personalize something with their names and the wedding date??

  2. I will try again. Our most useful gift was a chicken relish plate. It has four cup sized containers with the chicken in the middle. Since our wedding it has sat in a place of distinction (usually by the phone) and holds pocket change, paper clips, gum (unchewed), notes and anything else that has no where else to go. It’s a beautiful yellow ocre color.It has been one of the most used gifts we received almost 30 years ago.

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