Down Memory Lane


I need a three day weekend every weekend, it was so great. We kicked off our weekend with an exciting Friday evening of cleaning. It hit me that it is nearly June, it is 90 degrees outside, and I still have a closet full of sweaters and coats- time to dig up the spring stuff from the basement. Though it might actually be too late- I think I missed spring this year because it sure seems like summer is in full swing. (And I know that anyone who is single and reading this is thinking to themselves- cleaning on a friday night, of a three day weekend no less?… I knew marriage makes you boring. But take heart- the truth is that we are boring innately and this does not necessarily mean that you too will find yourself cleaning house every friday night.)

With the big spring switch-out out of the way friday, we had time for some more cleaning on Saturday morning (no joke), after which I could finally head for Manhattan while Craig went off to a bachelor party. He joined me in Manhattan Sunday and we had a grand time. I will have to post some pictures from the wedding once I have a chance to upload them. This was UMCM wedding #3 of this era- Craig and I are proud of kicking off the trend! What a great pair and a great wedding- full of personality and very fitting of the couple.

Wow, do I miss Manhattan. By day three it felt like I had never left and I could just head back to the apartment. But of course, I could only return to the Comfort Inn at the end of each day- that or face the deep, dark abyss that is my brother’s apartment. I do know things never really stay the same and as the years go by more and more of my high school and college friends move away. Once Eric and Julie, and Julie, and Julie leave- there really won’t be anyone there that we are close to. But for the weekend, it was perfect. I hiked the (hot and very windy) Konza with Jenny, biked the linear trail with Eric, had a picnic with the family at my favorite Tuttle Creek picnic shelter, and was able to stop or drive by most of our favorite hang-outs. It isn’t that I wish I was in college again, but I do still wish I could live in Manhattan. I miss seeing familiar faces at the grocery store, jogging in city park, shopping in Aggieville, getting honked at by a car-full of nerdy guys. And I really miss being able to get anywhere in town in 15 minutes or less!

We have been here two years now and I can honestly say that Kansas City isn’t so bad. But on Saturday, as I crossed the river on K-177 and the Manhattan Town Center sprawl, the red roof of First Church, and the Wareham apartments all came into my view I knew that Manhattan will always feel like home.


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  1. Now that is interesting. The Wareham apartments are more in your fond memories than the house on Woods Dr where you spent most of your life (until college). Manhattan is certainly a special place.Dad

  2. Unfortunately, the Woods Drive house has a negative connotation for me now (it sucked to end on a bad note, but..), the Wareham was nothing but good memories.

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