Almost Perfect


This is one of those weekends I wish I could wrap up and keep, to relive in the future at my whim. The beautiful weather, the hours upon hours spent in the vegetable and flower gardens, lounging on the porch reading and sipping wine, and hurtling through the air on the worst insturment of torture ever devised for the human body- the Mamba at Worlds of Fun. But seriously, the weekend was pure bliss.

The only thing that interrupted this pure bliss (besides the Mamba -but that is probably my fault for being tricked into riding it..) was a couple of animals. First, on Saturday, as we were planting some new annuals in the front from our Longview Gardens trip, we heard a horrible noise. I recognized it instantly and took off running- but it was too late. A large tomcat had attacked Lucy, and by the time we chased it off she was injured. Because she has no front claws, we try to keep her in our sight while we are outside but she had slipped off unnoticed. I felt immediate guilt as I tried to approach her and she hissed at me- I instantly knew that to her this was entirely our fault. We let her in and she angrily hobbled off on three legs and went straight into Craig’s closet- and that is more of less where she has been since. She does come out to eat and poop- but disappears back in the closet afterwards. The guilt is terrible!! After losing our first cat, I feel completely responsible that I let our next one get attacked.

The second animal incident allegedly occurred during the night. I am alleging that- and I have some evidence. This morning, after I poured a nice big bowl of gluten-free cereal I headed for the porch to eat it and immediately noticed that we had a tomato down. I instinctively knew it was Wishbone, our neighbor’s stupid dog who can’t seem to keep himself off of the wall and out of our garden. I was steamed because at they size the plants are now, they can easily snap off at the base when a dog gets himself wrapped around the cages and yanks them off. And because each variety I am growing this year is different- I really couldn’t stand to lose an entire plant. I stormed outside and found that a) thankfully the plant was not yet dead and b) there were doggy prints of a size to implicate Wishbone in the crime. So I announced to Craig we were going to need to erect a fence- now. He pointed out that is was already 7:00 and neither of us had done a thing to get ready and we hardly had time to put up a fence. But the thought of losing a tomato plant to that dog was unthinkable to me so we put up a barrier of chicken wire and fence posts. Not the prettiest thing- but I think the dog will get our point. At least I can rest easy at work today knowing my babies are safe. Though the ticked-off injured cat passed out in the closet is going to cause me a twinge of guilt for quite awhile!


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