Hold me to it, guys!


On Saturday, I got an early birthday present- a brand new bike. I haven’t had a new bike since I was a little kid and I felt like a little kid as I rode my bike in the dark around the driveway. I have been on the lookout for a bike for over a year now and I just recently realized my brother was never going to remember that I had asked for him to look for a used one for me. I think twice a month we had the following discussion:

Me- Find a bike for me yet?
Eric- What bike?
Me- The bike you were going to help me find.
Eric- Oh yeah, what is it you wanted again?

I finally agreed to purchase a new hybrid bike that was on sale. I had tried it out a few weeks ago when we were in Manhattan- and Eric assured me it was a good deal though I am sure he secretly thought I was being incredibly cheap because you certainly can’t get anything worth riding for less than a thousand, but this one would do. I love it already, and I can’t wait to start exploring some trails around Kansas City that Craig and I have avoided because my little road bike couldn’t hack it. Eric even put on some lights and a little bag for me so I can take my cell phone to call for help when my legs give out after the first ten miles I ride!

Though this isn’t the type of bike a serious athlete would use for a triathlon, I am thinking that I really seriously want to start training for one- and hopefully compete in a short distance course sometime in the coming year. It’s been motivating to realize that I am finally capable of doing something like this, and even if I can barely crawl across the finish line I think it would feel great just knowing I did it. So if Craig, Eric and I survive the off-road triathlon we are doing as a team this July, then I think I am going to actually do an individual tri- because I know I really can do it.


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