As part of our adventures this past weekend we took my new bike out on some off-road trails in Topeka. (We also did a little trespassing and exploring an abandoned building but I won’t write about that here because the parents did NOT approve, though the evidence is on their camera…). I have never found off road biking to be much fun and this experience reinforced that. Not only did I jar loose every bone in my body and knock the bike out of alignment so that it is now making a funny little noise when I pedal, but I somehow managed to get into some poison ivy. I likely didn’t even have to get into it- that stuff finds ME. A few months after we moved to KC I was out in the yard weeding and managed to unknowingly coat every single square inch of my body with poison ivy. I did not want to go to work the next morning- with the solid, itching, blazing red rash coating my face, arms, neck, and every other part seen and hidden. Everyone looked at me with sympathy but I know deep down they were thinking- what kind of freak did we hire?

Luckily for me and everyone else, this patch is small and hidden on my stomach. The problem is that I can not. stop. scratching. It itches sooo bad and it is all I can think about and when I scratch it, it hurts, but in a good way at first and I can’t keep away from it and I know it isn’t polite to claw at my stomach all day but it just is driving me nuts! And the thing about having one itchy patch of skin is that every other patch of skin starts to feel itchy as well and I find myself taking scratching breaks to itch perfectly fine skin until it too is raw and inflamed. And wouldn’t you know, it is swimming week for corporate challenge. That chlorine sure will feel great….


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