Depressing thought of the day


How can it be that from 9th grade on I knew with certainty what I wanted to do in college and for a career and personally, but now that I have been living out that plan I can’t seem to figure out a single thing about my life? Sometimes I wish I had a second chance at all of it because beside marrying Craig, nothing really seems to fit. And I don’t know how to fix it.


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  1. Well, just be glad you got the marriage part right instead of the other way around, which would REALLY be depressing. And as for the haircut dilemna: 1)just don’t go back-you don’t owe her/him an explanation, 2)your dad still gives free hair cuts, 3) women are never happy with their hair no matter what, 4) just do a ponytail and don’t worry about it-you can still get by with it so enjoy it while you’re young!Love, mom

  2. Work in a nursery. I promise, getting out of the office will totally change your whole life.I’m actually the happiest I’ve been in years now that I am at a flower shop.

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