Tough Weekend


To start with, Craig ended up with a court date in Gower for a very minor traffic infringement. I’ll let him elaborate on that one if he so chooses.

But the biggest reason the weekend was tough can be blamed on the heat and a camel pack. Or the lack of one. Yes, this weekend was the big Nelson-Pritz team triathlon in Lawrence, the Midwest Mudder. Things started off swimmingly as I somehow managed to finish a mile swim in 40 minutes, though we won’t share what position I was at after the conclusion of the swim leg. Let me just say that the competition was stiff and that our team combined didn’t have the muscle of any of the other guys, or gals for that matter. Eric was absolutely rocking the bike course, managing to pass 25 bikers in the first two laps out of three (that number should give you some indication as to what position we were at after I finished!!). Craig was at the transition area, waiting for Eric to come whizzing in. And he waited, and waited, and waited. By this point we were figuring he must have blown out a tire, but our stomachs sank when we saw a flurry of activity by the med vac tent and a team rushing off in a van. Another biker shared with us that there was a biker down, it was Eric, and that he and others had left water and eletrolytes for him. The heat and dehydration and his super sonic pace were just too much.

I know Eric feels badly about all of this, but we are just glad he is okay. It is pretty easy to develop heat stroke when exerting yourself at that level, especially as hot as it has been. Thank goodness for the other bikers and the medical team that was there to take care of him, and plus now he can say that he has ridden in an ambulance, something even I can not claim!

So Craig was not able to race, and team Nelson-Pritz did not finish. And I am very sore regardless. We are thinking we need to try this all again, perhaps in the fall when it is cooler, and perhaps with a automatic version of the camel pack that will force gatorade into Eric’s mouth, and perhaps on a race where the swim course is MUCH shorter. First we have to start a savings fund to be able to afford another event. I had been planning on posting some pictures, but somehow it just wouldn’t seem right to post the one we took of Eric in the Med Vac tent. He’s probably plenty annoyed with me already for sharing this much, though I doubt he ever reads this.


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  1. It was a bum weekend for sure. I felt bad that we got there too late to even see you get out of the water let alone swim. I felt sorry for Craig that after psyching himself up for a race he probably didn’t even want to do, he didn’t even get to run (not to mention the $). And then when I think of Eric lying out there in the dirt, in the heat, and how the outcome could have been very tragic, I was unable to sleep most of the night. You’re right, he won’t read this, but hopefully he will focus more on taking care of his body and a little less on winning the next time he/you compete—which hopefully won’t be until it is much cooler. Thank you for taking care of him –I didn’t think he wanted me ‘mothering’ him, but he needed someone there with him.Mom

  2. And Eric now has a major case of poison ivy. He might be difficult to get back on the team. May be I could ride the bike portion next time. We won’t have to worry about a crowded trail when Craig ran. And I would stop to drink plenty of fluids (probably every couple of miles and a nap at the half way point -perhaps under the water sprayer tent). I could start getting in condition sometime this fall. Dad

  3. How very thoughtful. Well, we can’t just give you the spot but I suppose you can try out for it with any other contendors we dig up. Though if you fund the race, you’re on!!

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