Weekend update


This weekend it was our goal to remodel our junky catch-all computer room. We are wanting to create a nice guest room even though we have had exactly two instances of overnight guests in our two years here: one being my brother and so not counting, and the other being Craig’s rowdy friends who would have been relegated to the basement anyways so I guess that means we have had zero need for a guest room. But, we are operating under the philosophy that if you build it, they will come. On Friday, we made our plans- trim and prime the room, paint the ceiling, trim and paint the new color.

Plenty of things impeded our progress- a total lack of motivation Friday, Craig’s bum knee, my Dad dropping in for dinner Saturday evening, more lack of motivation, a three hour long nap Sunday afternoon, and a softball game in the scorching heat followed by a couple of beers (gluten free for E.), pizza (chicken wings for E.), and air hockey- which killed any chances of progress Sunday evening.

So, in the end we have the primer on and have trimmed the ceiling. Not even halfway done. But, seeming as how we have no guests clamoring to visit us, I guess there is no rush. Hopefully we can post some pictures soon. I know our blog has been light on pictures lately, but about the only thing I could post now are some dead, crispy flower pictures. That means one thing- more bunny pictures, stay tuned…


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  1. I agree. Parents don’t count. Somehow I have this vivid rememberance of sleeping on a couch in the living room with no covering on the windows and waking up very early because the room was so bright. also, Elizabeth’s dad did not just “drop in” for dinner. He drove from Nashville TN following an invitation to come for dinner. And for clarity sake he also helped put some of the primer on the walls. How sad. Parents spend their lives (and life savings) to raise and help their children, whom they love very much, only to be locked in a dark closet of forgotten memories. I can see a far away lonely room in a delapidated nursing home in the near future.Love, dad (Elizabeth’s)

  2. Oh dear, am I in trouble. I guess I was only counting visits made for happy reasons, and not those under duress. Though we are both deeply appreciative of all of our parents who did endure much discomfert to come to our aid in times of need. Hopefully the next visits made will not involve throw-up buckets and will most definitely be remembered by all in a positive light- with improvements in both sleeping quarters and the quality of your hosts.

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