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If you were bit by something and the bite mark swelled up and turned purple in the center, you developed streaky rash up and down your legs, your lymph nodes become red and swollen, your foot turns red, you get a fever and feel sick to your stomach- would you go to a doctor?

Let me just say that I probably wouldn’t hesistate. But someone I know, not naming any names here, doesn’t seem to think that is deserving of a trip to the doctor today, and thinks it is perfectly fine to wait until tomorrow afternoon.

Maybe he will feel differently when his leg falls off.


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  1. WOW. This person could seriously lose some tissue at the very least, not to mention some toes or body parts. I would be horrified. All this person needs to do is google a few bite symptoms and he might feel differently.

  2. This person (I can’t imagine who it could be) should maybe seek the advice of a professional! It’s hard for me to believe a doctor’s office would let him (or her, of course) wait.-Julie F.

  3. An update- the person, remaining unnamed, was swayed by my assertation that he was being a complete idiot and went to the doctor. He did indeed have a blood infection and is on antibiotics. I was right, as usual.

  4. How bizarre!! There’s also a person at Garmin with the same symptoms except he’s all red and itchy, too. That can’t be a good sign. We hope the professionals can help him before it’s too late. Let us know what hospital he is admitted to.L&D

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