Just a few points of clarification…


I want to take a break from my usual ramblings to do a public service blog. Today we are going to work on pronunciation. I have been hearing some words lately that really grate on my nerves. You may ask, what makes you qualified to correct our speech? To that I would say- I’m from the Midwest. If you think I don’t know what I am talking about, then just ask the evening news anchors.

Word #1. Ad-ver-TIZE-ment as opposed to Ad-VER-tis-ment. This one has been all over the place lately, and it is driving me crazy.

Word #2. CAN not Kin or Ken. You would think this would be simple. If you need to practice, K-AHHHHHH-N.

Word # 3. HER-ass-ment not HEIRESS-ment. Once again, AHHHHHHSSS. HER-AHHHHSSS-ment.

And don’t bother commenting on how I should be better about tolerating differences blah blah blah. Believe me, I am very tolerant of people who mistakenly say “Cola” or “Soda” instead of “Pop”. Sometimes though, there is just a right way to say something. And when you live in the Midwest, “kin” means all those lovely folks you see on the holidays, and “ken” is Barbie’s boyfriend.


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  1. I totally agree. Can I add a few words?Word #1: I have a relative who has a daughter named Elizabeth. A beautiful name, wouldn’t you agree? It’s not so pretty when she pronounces it “Isbef”. Wrong, just wrong!!Word #2: Same relative (who may have been raised in Arkansas, no offense I hope) also refers to pants with a bib and straps as “Overhauls”. More commonly known “Overalls”. NO H!!!Word #3&4: I’ve actually heard someone call a gas station Koe-no-koe, most people know this as Conoco. How about A-moe-koe, better known as Amoco. Stop the insanity.It realy is maddening. Thanks Elazabeth (not Isbef) for bringing us this public service blog.LB

  2. In Texas if you call “Pop” anything but coke they think you are some crazy Northener. Everything is a coke, even though people only drink Dr. Pepper

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