If all else fails, just Photoshop it.


So tomorrow Craig and I are going to have our picture taken professionally, mostly because there are very few pictures of us around the house that don’t include a big white dress and a bowtie. I for one am nervous about this because it is the first time I have had anyone take pictures of us without a purpose (senior pictures, engagmenet, wedding). So I have been freaking out about the whole thing: my hair- is it the right color, do I need it cut, where do I part it, is a ponytail okay (no.); Craig’s hair- he has a ‘fro but will it look worse if I try and trim it up; our clothes- to match or not to match, jeans or pants, sandals or barefoot, accesories; and whether or not we bring along the rabbits and if that would make the cat feel bad…I am just a mess over something that we thought would just be a fun thing to do together. I made Craig take me to Target yesterday to search for the perfect shirt for him to wear because I wasn’t happy with any of his clothes. He did point out that somehow we spent 45 minutes in the women’s section, and maybe 5 minutes in the men’s section to pick out “the cheapest black t-shirt you could find.”

I trust our friend who is taking the pictures because I have seen his work and he does an awesome job but some part of me wonders how well they will turn out with average looking people because for some reason all the people in the examples look like models. Plus, I always expect the photographer to somehow make me look better than I actually do so it is always somewhat of a letdown that I don’t look like a model in photographs. And to add to my worries, our rabbit is shedding boatloads of fur right now and looks like she has mange. How to you soften that with a filter? I just tell myself that out of all the hundreds of shots they take we just need ONE that we like. Just ONE picture where some photo-magic happens and a moment is captured.


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