Not short on excuses


This weekend was our big weekend to work on the yard, a pre fall cleanup. We were going to renovate the lawn, and weed, and weed, and weed some more. But it was overcast and rainy the entire weekend. Of course. So, Craig was able to mow and together we spent a furious hour pulling up trumpet creeper seedlings and dead marigolds to spiff up the garden area- and that was the extent of our big yard cleanup.

Our yard right now is an embarrassment. Not just an embarrassment for someone in my profession, an embarrassment for anyone. We have one of the worst looking lawns on the block, save the lady with the neon plastic flowers and the two fake geese. In fact, if someone who didn’t know me was standing at my doorstep and asked what I did for a profession, I wouldn’t tell them.

I guess it should be okay for me to have an ugly lawn with an overgrown garden and dead flowers just like how some counselors have bratty kids, and architects that live in the suburbs, and lawyers that get sued, and some professional chefs eat microwave dinners because they are too tired to cook. Ok, I don’t know if those are really true or if they relate at all but I have to tell myself something to excuse it.

The truth is it comes down to two things. First is money. Pure and simple, it costs money to have a nice landscape and our yard is very large. The nicest design on paper is worthless if you don’t have the funds to install it. And you would think that even so, I should be able to come up with something affordable that would look halfway decent. That’s true, I probably could. But the second reason our yard looks pathetic is that I am lazy. It was one hot summer, and I preferred to stay inside in the air conditioning, looking out at our crispy yard and garden and wishing I had the money to pay someone to go out in the heat and water it for me.


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