Mid-week update and a story


A nasty cold + a crashed work computer that has to be rebuilt + two deadlines = One grouchy Elizabeth with whom her coworkers showed great patience and restraint in indulging her sour mood

Trip to Minneapolis + new bathroom + registration for professional exams + gluten free grocery binge = Biggest credit card bill I have ever seen. Thank goodness for bonus points, I think we earned a trip around the world with this month.

Hectic week + deadlines + reformatted computer + cold + blogger issues
= ZERO photographs posted. Stay tuned, they really are coming.

Now that you are all updated on my life, I would like to share a story. After the rough week (this was Tuesday) I decided that Craig and I needed a night out. We very rarely ever eat out, but I was craving a drink and some spinach dip and was definitely too tired to go to the store and then cook. So Craig researched menus a bit and picked TGI Fridays because they have big drinks and spinach dip. Now I typically avoid any of the Chili’s/Applebees/54th Street Grill type of places because there is not much there I can eat but for one night I decided to go for it.

After reviewing the menu and seeing a note to ask the manager if you have special diet concerns, we called him over. I told him I had celiac, explained gluten-which he was familiar with, and shared what I was thinking about ordering and asked if it would be safe. Turns out, I couldn’t order their pasta (no…really?), anything with chicken, portabella mushrooms, spinach dip, anything with cheese sauce, anything with dressing…after looking through the menu I pointed out I didn’t really see anything that didn’t either have obvious wheat ingredients in it or contained one of the items he mentioned. He suggested perhaps I should get the chicken salad without the chicken and they could throw on some veggies for me. After agreeing that that was indeed my one and only option from the entire menu I double checked to see if even the potato skin appetizers had wheat in them. Yep. Okay, I told him, I guess I will get the salad then. He assured me that they would leave off the chicken and make sure there was no wheat in the ranch dressing. I thanked him and he went off to put in our order.

10 minutes later, out came my meal….topped with a giant breadstick.

This is why I don’t eat out, especially at chains. At least the drinks were good.


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