I am still suffering from an enormous blogger’s block, but Tanya makes me feel guilty so I will continue trying to make something interesting out of nothing. Today I have some pictures from Thanksgiving. We attended three Thanksgiving gatherings, but only one took a group picture (by my count we visited 50 relatives in the span of four days). So I will share those pictures here because if you look really carefully, in the corner, you will see my cousin’s young son working hard to free a booger from his nose. It must have been really stuck, because he worked at it for quite awhile, oblivious to the attention and laughter. You will be happy to know that he did finally succeed at getting the booger, which he promptly ate. In front of 30 people. The things we do when we are kids that people will never let us live down. (Mom, Dad- sticking a diaper up my nose at two years of age is no longer worthy of mention.)

And finally, if you didn’t know any better, it might seem as though we actually like each other…


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  1. Your hair is so long!! I don’t remember it being that long. (I know its been awhile) You look good. I am pondering a new hair style. (After seeing our Thanksgiving picture…)

  2. Thank you so much for posting the Thanksgiving picture Elizabeth. I wish we could have been there. It would have been great to see everyone again. If you have a copy of the picture you might send it to me, I’d love to have one. Thanks for letting us know what my nephew was up to. Maybe we have a future mining engineer in the family?

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