A bit on cravings


Last night I didn’t feel like dinner so I skipped it. And instead ate three double chocolate chocolate chunk cookies (Pamela’s, oh so yummy gluten free), a handful of Hershey’s truffles, and two Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. And this is after a cup of hot chocolate in the afternoon followed by an unspecified number of Hershey’s kisses. And that is it-that was dinner. Sometimes a girl has got to have her chocolate! And even though my stomach hurts this morning, I wouldn’t mind some more chocolate if I had some available. Unfortunatley, I have eaten it all.

I have never been very good with will power. In fact, it sometimes amazes me that I have been able to give up gluten foods because in my previous life, they occupied nine of my ten favorite food spots. Thankfully, chocolate was number one, and now occupies spots one through eight concurrently. But the point is, I posses a very small amount of will power and it is all but used on on those forbidden glutenful goodies. So everything else is fair game!

I am struggling with this today because it just came to my attention that a certain pizza parlor here in town now offers a gluten free crust and let me tell you- I want pizza and I want it now. I am like a three year old child who just can’t comprehend why I can’t have what my heart desires so very very badly. I would very much like to leave work and eat a pizza. I have been on their website three times this morning looking at all of the topping options and visualizing my very own pizza. And I wouldn’t even have to share it! But I can’t have pizza tonight, I can’t have it Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday. In fact, my very first chance to have a slice of this sure to be delicious pizza is Monday night. Is it possible? Can I survive?

I guess in the meantime I will just have to head down to the vending maching and buy myself a bar of chocolate.


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