It’s a slow week, big surprise


I would stay home and loaf around, but I am trying to save up my vacation time so Craig can take me somewhere exotic.

I would post pictures on the blog but our camera is dead. Don’t buy a Sony, by the way. It costs more to fix our camera than it does to buy a new one. But if it is anything like our fried microwave and our $80 television with the burned out tubes- it’s going to be awhile before we get around to replacing it.

I would exercise but I don’t like being outside when it is cold out. And I can’t drive to the gym anymore because of the terrible traffic. What’s that, you say? There have been nice days and the road construction is done? Oh, right. Well, then, I would exercise but I am one of the laziest sloths I know.

I would work on house projects but we have put them off because they are the particularly tedious ones. You know, painting the kitchen another color besides the obnoxious red that someone thought was a good idea.. we won’t name names. And cleaning out the mounds and mounds of junk in the basement- that doesn’t sound like much fun.

I would play games on Craig’s new Nintendo Wii. But, can’t do that. Because they are as unavailable as the TMX Elmo so he doesn’t own one yet. We are seriously considering camping out at Best Buy this coming weekend because I read a tip on some geeky tech site that the store would be getting shipment in on the 31st. And we really want to get one so we can lose control of the remote and have it hit our tv and break the screen, finally giving us an excuse to replace it.

Okay, so here they are- New Year’s Resolutions 2007:

Replace broken crappy electronics with things that work
Finish projects and,
Take time to goof off.

Not bad, I think I can work on those. See you next year everyone!


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  1. I love brown, but it’s a bad idea if you continue to refer to it as “poop brown.” How about something more appetizing than poop in the kitchen, like mocha chocolate, coffee, etc.?

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